Tesla announces the total number of electric cars in Europe

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1 Million Tesla Travels in Europe

Tesla, the leader of the electric vehicle industry, announced that 1 million vehicles are on the road in Europe. The American company attributed this success to its contribution to sustainable energy.

Tesla's European Adventure Started 14 Years Ago

Tesla entered the European market 14 years ago with its first Roadster model. HE zamSince then, the company has won the appreciation of European customers with different models such as Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y.

Tesla accounts for the majority of electric vehicle sales in Europe. The company announced that 1 million vehicles are on the roads across Europe. In the post made on Tesla's official Twitter account, “14 years ago, we delivered the first Roadster to our customers in Europe. Today, 1 million Teslas are on the roads across Europe. Thank you to our owners and supporters for helping us accelerate the transition to sustainable energy!” It was said.

Tesla's European Production is in Germany

To meet its European supply, Tesla built a factory in the Grünheide district in the German state of Brandenburg. This factory will be Tesla's first production facility in Europe.

Tesla's founder and CEO Elon Musk said that this factory is an important investment for both Germany and Europe. Musk said, “This factory will be one of the most advanced electric vehicle production facilities in the world. We will produce both our vehicles and batteries here. "We will also design the new generation Model Y here," he said.

Tesla's Best-Selling Model Is Y

Tesla announced that its best-selling model in Europe is Model Y. Model Y is an electric vehicle in the compact SUV segment. Model Y attracts attention with both its performance and design.

According to Tesla's data, Model Y accounts for 20 percent of the electric vehicle market in Europe. The company stated that Model Y attracted great attention, especially in Turkey.

While 4700 Model Y units were sold in Turkey in September alone, more than 10 thousand Model Ys in total hit Turkish roads.