What is Tab Gıda (TABGD) on the stock market? zamWill it be traded? How many lots did Tab Gıda give?

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Tab Gıda Broke a Record in the Stock Exchange! Here are the IPO Results and Share Price

Tab Gıda is Turkey's largest restaurant chain. The company, which owns brands such as Burger King, Popeyes, Sbarro, Arby's and Usta Dönerci, was offered to the public between 18-20 October. The results of the public offering were announced last night. Well, how many lots did Tab Gıda offer in its public offering, what did it do in the stock market? zamWill it be traded at the moment and what is the share price? Here are the Tab Gıda public offering results, BIST trading dates and things to wonder about...

Tab Gıda Public Offering Results Announced!

Tab Gıda public offering results were announced at the last minute by the Capital Markets Board (CMB). The company's 1 TL nominal shares were offered to the public at a price of 130 TL. The size of the public offering was 6.825.000.000 TL.

In the public offering, demand was collected for 2,1 times the shares allocated to investors consisting of domestic individual and group employees, and 4,2 times the shares allocated to domestic institutional investors. Thus, a total demand of 2,5 times the planned allocation in the public offering was collected.

As a result of the public offering, distributions were made to a total of 4.943.543 investors, of which 5.673 were domestic individual investors, 246 were group employees, and 4.949.462 were domestic corporate investors.

What is Tab Food? ZamWill it be traded on the stock exchange?

Özgür Çetinkaya, Tab Gıda's General Manager Responsible for Finance, Financial Affairs, Franchise and Investor Relations, said in his statement before the public offering, “We will hold our book building on October 18-19-20 with a fixed price of 130 lira. "We will hold our gong ceremony at the Istanbul Stock Exchange on October 26," he said.

Accordingly, Tab Gıda shares will start trading on Borsa Istanbul (BIST) today. The company's code on the stock exchange was determined as TABGD.

How Many Lots Did Tab Gıda Give?

While 5.185.061 investors participated in the Tab Gıda public offering, shares were distributed to 4.949.462 investors. It was stated that an average of 8-9 shares were distributed to investors.

Tab Gıda Public Offering Share Price

Tab Gıda public offering share price was offered for sale at a fixed price of 130 TL. The market value of the company was calculated as approximately 13 billion TL.