Have TAB Gıda public offering dates been announced, how many lots will be distributed, what is the share price?


TAB Gıda Public Offering Process Begins: Here are the Share Price, Number of Lots and Dates

TAB Gıda, Turkey's largest restaurant chain, started the public offering process with the approval of the Capital Markets Board (CMB). TAB Gıda, the operator of world-famous brands such as Burger King, Popeyes and Sbarro in Turkey, continues to grow both domestically and abroad. Intense interest is expected in the company's public offering. So, what are the details of TAB Gıda's public offering? Here is the share price, number of lots and dates.

TAB Gıda Public Offering Dates Have Been Announced

TAB Gıda's public offering dates have been announced. Company's public offering process 18-19 October 2023 will take place on . Shares of the company after the public offering   It will start trading on Borsa Istanbul on .

TAB Gıda Public Offering Price Will Be 130 TL

TAB Gıda's public offering price was also announced. Company shares 130 TL will be offered to the public at a price. TAB Gıda's code in Borsa Istanbul is TABGD it will be.

TAB Gıda Public Offering Size Will Be 6.8 Billion TL

The size of TAB Gıda's public offering also attracts attention. Company, total 52.500.000 will offer its shares to the public. In this way, the company's IPO size 6.8 billion TL it will be.

How Many Lots Will Be Distributed in TAB Gıda Public Offering?

It is also a matter of curiosity how many lots will be distributed in TAB Gıda's public offering. In the company's public offering 1 lot of 10 shares was determined as . Accordingly, the company's total 5.250.000 will distribute lots of shares.

What You Need to Know About TAB Gıda

TAB Gıda was founded on July 29, 1994. The company operates as the operator of brands such as Burger King, Popeyes and Sbarro in Turkey. Company's total 1.468 It has a restaurant. Apart from Turkey, the company also provides services in Northern Cyprus, North Macedonia and Georgia.

Net sales revenue of TAB Gıda in 2022 4.7 billion TL, net profit 1 billion TL as announced.

Investors who want to participate in TAB Gıda's public offering can obtain the necessary information and documents from the company's website or investment institutions.