Subaru officially introduced the Sport Mobility concept!


Subaru's Concepts Shaping the Future: Sport Mobility and Air Mobility

Subaru introduced two new concept vehicles at the Japan Mobility Fair: Sport Mobility and Air Mobility. These vehicles reflect Subaru's vision of future mobility.

Sport Mobility Concept: Electric Coupe

Sport Mobility Concept shows Subaru's electric coupe design. This vehicle draws attention with its slim headlights, solid body and wide stance. Same zamCurrently equipped with Subaru's traditional symmetrical all-wheel drive system.

The Sport Mobility Concept aims to provide a pleasant driving experience in all road and weather conditions. This vehicle is seen as a reflection of Subaru's "freedom of movement" philosophy.

Air Mobility Concept: Flying Vehicle

The Air Mobility Concept reveals Subaru's flying vehicle design. This vehicle can move in the air with its propellers and wings. Same zamIt can be driven anywhere and anytime.

Air Mobility Concept aims to offer a new option in urban or intercity transportation. This vehicle is considered another reflection of Subaru's "freedom of movement" philosophy.

Subaru's Future Plans

Subaru designed the Sport Mobility and Air Mobility concepts not just as design studies, but as zamIt now presents itself as a harbinger of future products. Subaru plans to do more research and development in the field of electric and flying vehicles.

With these concepts, Subaru aims to play an innovative and pioneering role in the mobility industry. Subaru aims to offer its customers vehicles that will provide more freedom of movement.