Subaru Crosstrek e-BOXER introduced! Here are its price and features..

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Subaru Crosstrek e-BOXER Takes Its Place in the Electric Crossover SUV Segment

Subaru's new model, Crosstrek e-BOXER, made an assertive entry into the crossover SUV segment with both electric and internal combustion engine options. The new model is equipped with Subaru's latest and most advanced safety technologies. Additionally, driving dynamics and comfort have been increased to the next level.

Crosstrek e-BOXER, the Sequel to Subaru's Best-Selling Model

Crosstrek e-BOXER is the completely renewed version of Subaru XV, Subaru's best-selling model in Europe. The Subaru XV has accounted for more than 2011% of Subaru's sales since entering the European market in 40 (Europe, January-August 2023). The Crosstrek e-BOXER continues to be a safe, enjoyable and robust crossover SUV, inheriting the legacy of this successful model.

Crosstrek e-BOXER Adapts to All Kinds of Surfaces with its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System and X-MODE

Crosstrek e-BOXER is equipped with Symmetrical Continuous All-Wheel Drive System, one of Subaru's outstanding features. This system ensures that the vehicle provides excellent grip on all types of surfaces and a balanced driving performance. Additionally, the ground clearance of the vehicle was determined as 220 mm. In this way, the vehicle can move easily even on rough terrain. Another important feature of the Crosstrek e-BOXER is X-MODE. This feature allows the vehicle to move safely on slippery or steep slopes, even when reversing.

Crosstrek e-BOXER Increases Safety with New Generation EyeSight Driving Assistance System

Crosstrek e-BOXER increases the safety level with the new generation EyeSight Driving Support System developed by Subaru. This system includes a total of 8 driver support and safety functions, 3 of which are new and 11 of which are improved. These functions include features such as lane tracking system, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking system.

Crosstrek e-BOXER Improves Driving Comfort and Stability with Subaru Global Platform

Subaru Global Platform (SGP), which forms the basis of the Crosstrek e-BOXER, increases the ride comfort and stability of the vehicle. This platform increases the vehicle's torsional rigidity by 10%, improving roadholding, steering response and hazard avoidance performance. Additionally, thanks to this platform, vehicle vibrations are reduced and road noise is isolated.

Crosstrek e-BOXER Launched in Turkey with Xclusive Hardware Package

Subaru's new model, Crosstrek e-BOXER, is offered for sale in Turkey with the Xclusive equipment package. This equipment package gives the vehicle many luxurious and comfortable features such as leather seats, heated steering wheel, electric trunk lid, 18-inch aluminum wheels. The launch special price of Crosstrek e-BOXER was determined as 2.199.000 TL.