Stellantis not attending CES 2024 due to strikes

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Stellantis Cancels CES 2024 Due to Strikes

Stellantis, the company that entered the financial crisis due to the UAW's strikes, announced that it will not participate in the CES 2024 fair to be held in Las Vegas in January 2024. The company announced that the status of other automobile events is unclear.

Why Did Stellantis Cancel CES 2024?

In its official statement today, Stellantis announced that, as the costs of the UAW's (United Auto Workers) ongoing strikes against Stellantis increase, the company will cancel its presentations planned to be held at CES 2024, the world's largest technology fair, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2024. He stated that he had decided to cancel.

Stellantis stated that it had taken comprehensive measures to reduce financial impacts, but did not provide details about what these measures were. Therefore, the status of other auto events like the SEMA Show and the Los Angeles Auto Show in November is uncertain at this time.

What About Stellantis' Participation in Other Automobile Events?

There is no clear information yet about Stellantis' participation in other automobile events. However, there are currently signs that it will attend the SEMA Show. Mopar continues to release teasers of an early Dodge Charger for the show. The 2023 SEMA Show is scheduled to begin on October 31.

The Los Angeles Auto Show will open to the general public on November 17. It is stated that Stellantis will have a strong presence at this event with a number of brands such as Ram, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat and Chrysler. There is no specific information yet about the new models to be exhibited at the fair, but there is a possibility that the renewed Ram pickup will be introduced. Ram CEO Tim Kuniskis gave some hints about the launch date in August 2023.

In addition to RAM's new model, some new concept models will also be at the fair, but the brands will not participate in CES 2024.