Shocking Decision from Steam! You Can No Longer Buy Games with TL!


Dollar Shock to Steam Turkey! Buying Games with TL is Becoming a History!

PC gaming platform Steam announced to its users in Turkey that the last days of purchasing games with TL have come. As of November 20, you will not be able to make purchases with TL on Steam, and dollars will be used instead.

Why Is Steam Abandoning TL?

Steam announced in an announcement published on its official site that pricing and Steam wallet balances in Turkey will be converted to USD as of November 20. In the announcement, it was stated that the high exchange rate volatility and economic instability experienced by TL in recent years created difficulty in determining and updating prices for game developers. In addition, it was stated that keeping the payment methods in our country up-to-date and working due to exchange rate fluctuations, fees, taxes and logistical problems creates great difficulties.

Steam announced that it aims to provide a more standard and consistent service to both players and partners by abandoning TL. Same zamAt the same time, it also announced that it will continue to offer various payment methods to Steam users in Turkey.

How will shopping with dollars be done on Steam?

According to Steam's announcement, as of November 20, game pricing and balances in Steam wallets in Turkey will be converted from TL to dollars. Steam's own exchange rate will be used for this conversion process. What this exchange rate will be has not yet been announced.

Users who want to shop with dollars will be able to choose one of the payment methods offered by Steam. These payment methods include credit card, debit card, mobile payment, prepaid cards and digital wallets. It was also stated that extra fees or taxes may be applied depending on the payment method.