BREAKING NEWS: Bridge and highway tolls zam! How much did the new bridge and highway crossings cost?

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Bridge and Highway Tolls Zam! Here are the New Prices!

Bridge and highway tolls zam came. General Directorate of Highways announced the new tariff that will be valid as of Wednesday, October 25. Accordingly, the toll fee for the 15 July Martyrs Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge increased from 8,5 TL to 15 TL in one direction. Osmangazi Bridge is 290 TL for cars.

Why Bridge and Highway Tolls? Zamwas it?

Bridge and highway tolls zam Exchange rate fluctuations and cost increases were cited as the reason for this decision. In the statement made on its social media account, the General Directorate of Highways said, “Motorway and bridge fees have been rearranged to be effective as of 25:2023 on Wednesday, October 00.00, XNUMX. "New prices have been determined by taking into account exchange rate fluctuations and cost increases," he said.

How Much Are Bridge and Highway Tolls?

According to the new tariff announced by the General Directorate of Highways, bridge and highway tolls are as follows:

  • The toll for the 15 July Martyrs Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge increased from 8,5 lira to 15 lira in one direction.
  • Motorcycles: 6 TL
  • Passenger vehicles: 15 TL
  • Heavy vehicles will pay between 42 TL and 110 TL, depending on their type.
  • Osmangazi Bridge cost 290 lira for cars and 465 lira for minibuses.
  • On the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, 35 lira will be charged for a car and 25 lira for a motorcycle.

ZamThe tariff will be valid as of midnight tonight.

Bridge tolls are charged one-way, according to the decision taken last year. In other words, a vehicle pays separately for both departure and return.