Renault's new pickup concept has been unveiled!

reno niagara

Renault Niagara is Here as a Hybrid Pickup Concept!

Renault is here with a concept that will bring movement to the segment. The new double-cabin pickup concept named Niagara attracts attention with its design and off-road capabilities. The French brand states that the model has a hybrid powertrain and can also be used in fully electric mode.

Renault Niagara Offers a 4×4 Setup

Renault Niagara has a powertrain that combines a mild hybrid-supported internal combustion engine and an electric motor. While the internal combustion engine controls the front axle, the electromotor moves the rear axle. In other words, the model offers a 4×4 installation. The total power that these two will offer has not yet been announced.

According to Renault's statements, the model has a range that can cover half of your daily driving in fully electric mode. Of course, there is no statement about the battery option or size. However, in this mode, the model suddenly becomes rear-wheel drive since it gets its power only from the electric motor.

Renault Niagara also attracts attention with its dimensions

Renault Niagara rises on the CMF-B platform. The length of the model is just over 4.900 mm. This makes it slightly shorter than the Ford Maverick. The model's huge off-road tires are enough to make it look bigger than it is.

The design of Renault Niagara is quite interesting. Although the model is a pickup that stands out with its off-road capabilities, it offers a stylish and modern appearance in terms of design. While there is Renault's new logo on the front of the model, the headlights and taillights have LED technology. The model's muscular lines and large luggage volume provide advantages in terms of usability.

Renault Niagara is only a concept for now. If the French manufacturer decides to produce the model, we may be deprived of Niagara. The fact that the model was introduced in Brazil means that it will be exclusive to South America.