Has Pringles been withdrawn from Turkey and why?

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Why Did Pringles Leave the Turkish Market?

Pringles was a popular chip brand that has been on sale in Turkey for many years. But the end zamNowadays, it has become difficult to find Pringles in markets and grocery stores. Claims that Pringles has withdrawn from Turkey began to circulate on social media. So why aren't Pringles sold? What is known about this? Here are the details…

Kellogg Company, Manufacturer of Pringles

Pringles is a brand of chips developed and sold by Procter & Gamble in the United States in 1967. In 2012, Pringles' rights were sold to Kellogg Company. Kellogg Company is the world's largest producer of breakfast cereals and the second largest producer of biscuits.

Situation of Pringles in Turkey

Pringles became popular in Turkey in the early 2000s in Cem Uzan's advertising campaign. However, recently Pringles' old stocks have run out and new ones have not been replaced. The shelves in markets and grocery stores remained empty. This situation brought to the agenda the allegations that Pringles had withdrawn from Turkey.

No official statement has yet been made about the reason for Pringles' withdrawal from Turkey. However, according to some sources, product supply difficulties and import problems during the pandemic period may have caused Pringles to leave the Turkish market.

The question of whether Pringles has withdrawn from Turkey is among the most frequently asked questions. Although it is difficult to give a clear answer on this issue, it seems that Pringles lovers will not be able to see these delicious chips for a while.