Porsche starts integrating Google Maps into its cars

porsche new google

Google Maps Will Replace Porsche's Navigation System

Porsche announced that it will use Google Maps as a navigation system in its new models. Thus, drivers will have easy access to information such as traffic conditions, alternative routes, nearby gas stations, restaurants and other points. In addition, Google Maps will show suitable charging stations for Porsche's electric vehicles.

Google Assistance Will Let Drivers Control Their Vehicles with Voice Commands

Google Help will also be included in Porsche's new models. In this way, drivers will be able to control some functions of their vehicles with voice commands. For example, drivers will be able to adjust features of their vehicles such as air conditioning, music and lighting with commands such as “Hey Google, turn on the air conditioning” or “Hey Google, change the music”. In addition, Google Help will be able to provide drivers with information such as news, weather and sports results by voice.

Porsche Plans Full Integration with Google

Porsche also announced that it is considering fully integrating Google software into the car cockpit after its collaboration on software research and development with Volkswagen's Cariad unit ended in January. In this way, Porsche's vehicles will be equipped with a Google Automotive Services (GAS) package that offers features such as Google Maps, Google Assistant and other applications. With this move by Porsche, automobile manufacturers such as General Motors, Renault, Nissan and Ford will join the brands that use Google technology built into their vehicles.