OSS Association made the evaluation of the third quarter of 2023! Here are the results…

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Automotive Aftermarket on the Rise in 2023

Automotive Aftermarket Products and Services Association (OSS) evaluated the performance of the automotive aftermarket in the third quarter of 2023. The survey conducted with the participation of OSS members revealed that the sector continues its upward trend.

Domestic Sales Increased in the Automotive Aftermarket

According to the OSS Association's 2023 3rd Quarter Sectoral Evaluation Survey; Domestic sales in the automotive after-sales market increased in dollar terms. In the third quarter of 2023, average domestic sales in dollars compared to the second quarter of the year percent 10.83 It increased. Again, in the third quarter of the year, the average domestic sales in dollar terms compared to the same period of 2022 percent 17.02 There was an increase.

During this period, sales of distributor members increased in dollar terms. percent 19.69 While there is an increase in producer members, this rate is percent 15,38 occurred at the level. These results show that the automotive aftermarket market continued its upward trend, which started in the last period of last year, in the third quarter.

Prospects of the Automotive Aftermarket Market Are Positive

The survey also included expectations for the last quarter of the year. Accordingly, in the sector in the last quarter of 2023, domestic sales will increase in dollar terms. percent 3,1 It was observed that an increase in the rate was expected. The survey also showed a decrease in sales in dollar terms compared to the same period last year. percent 8.33It indicates an increase of .

In the second quarter of 2023 percent 61,8 The rate of OSS Association members who stated that there is no change in the collection processes will increase in the third quarter of 2023. percent 59,5 happened. Members who participated in the survey percent 42,9It increased its employment in the first quarter of the year. members percent 52,42023% maintained their employment during the said period. The rate of members stating that their employment decreased compared to the second quarter of XNUMX is percent 4,8 remained at the level. It was noteworthy that the employment of producer and distributor members remained close to each other.