New Hyper Adventure concept from Nissan

hyper adventure

Nissan's Innovative EV Concept

Nissan has introduced the Hyper Adventure, the exciting second member of its new series of advanced EV concepts that it will showcase at the Japan Mobility Expo. Opening the doors of electric adventure, this vehicle is ready to attract nature lovers by meeting long-term energy needs.

High Capacity Battery: Power Is Always With You

Hyper Adventure's high-capacity battery protects not only the vehicle but also zamIt allows users to power various electronic devices, illuminate campsites, and even charge equipment such as electric jet skis. Unlimited freedom in nature with a practical and powerful energy source!

V2X Feature: Smart Energy Management

Thanks to its V2X feature, Hyper Adventure can deliver excess energy to the grid (V2G), power homes (V2H) or support local communities. Nissan offers the vehicle of the future, which is considered more than just a vehicle, but an energy source.

Dynamic Exterior Design: Aerodynamics and Aesthetics Meet

The exterior design of the vehicle emphasizes a spacious cabin with dynamic body panels and distinctive diagonal lines. The air flow directed through the front spoilers takes the driving experience to the next level by providing high aerodynamic performance.

Improved Aerodynamic Features: Aesthetics in Details

The glass detail integrating the roof, side windows and rear surface further increases the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. The wheels are equipped with crampons and snow retention gears on the front and rear bumpers, providing strong and easy passage in snowy areas.

Interior Design: Comfortable and Functional

The interior of the vehicle has been specially designed to make driving easy and comfortable in all situations. The instrument panel with a wide field of view offers the driver a unique experience by combining interior and exterior.

Multifunctional Cargo Space: Ideal for Outdoor Equipment

Inside, there is a separate cargo area for outdoor equipment such as tents, kayaks and canoes. The rear row of seats can be turned into a seating area facing the rear of the vehicle with its 180-degree rotation feature.

The vehicle includes automatic extendable and retractable steps. This feature provides great practicality to the user while camping, preparing for skiing or watching nature.

Nissan Hyper Adventure is not just a vehicle, it's the same zama lifestyle at the moment. Designed for electric adventure enthusiasts, this concept offers the perfect balance of power, technology and comfort. Get ready to meet the new generation electric vehicles!