Nissan introduced the new electric GT-R model: Hyper Force

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Nissan Hyper Force: The electric GT-R dream comes true

Nissan excites automobile enthusiasts with the Hyper Force concept it introduced today at the Japan Mobility Fair.

This special concept vehicle offers a feature that has been missed since 2012: GT-R. Hyper Force is a coupe model that is very similar to last year's Vision Study design. However, the biggest difference of this model is that it has an electric powertrain.

Hyper Force: A concept with GT-R DNA

We can see that Hyper Force has GT-R DNA in every corner. The pixel lighting on the front even reminds us of the GT-R logo when viewed from a distance.

Body lines are symmetrical but not pointed. Brembo brakes appear prominently behind factory 20-inch wheels. There are traditional side mirrors in place of the side cameras, and there is a subtle but noticeable spoiler at the back. The only real concept feature is the all-black windows. These windows imply that there is nothing worth seeing inside.

Hyper Force: Electric power and performance

Details about Hyper Force's powertrain have not yet been announced. It was only said that the vehicle was electric and that in the future Nissan plans to combine driving pleasure with electrification.

However, according to Nissan's data, Hyper Force will have a power of 1.000 kW, that is, approximately 1.360 hp. This means that the model can reach at least 320 km/h.zamIt is expected to offer high speed.

Nissan turns the electric GT-R dream into reality with the Hyper Force concept. This model will be an ideal option for customers looking for both performance and environmental friendliness.