Nissan finally introduced its special concept for artists

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Nissan Hyper Punk Unveiled as Electric Crossover SUV for Creators

Nissan unveiled the Nissan Hyper Punk at the Japan Mobility Show, an all-electric crossover SUV designed specifically for creators, influencers and artists. This vehicle stands out as one of the four EV concept vehicles that reflect Nissan's future vision.

Nissan Hyper Punk Offers a Mobile Creative Studio

Nissan Hyper Punk is equipped with uninterrupted internet connectivity and an AI-powered cabin that allows users to create content or access information on the go. This cabin detects the driver's mood and automatically selects the right music and lighting, thus increasing the driver's energy and creativity.

Nissan Hyper Punk Dazzles with Its Exterior Aesthetics Defined by Polygonal Surfaces

Nissan Hyper Punk has an exterior aesthetic defined by versatile and polygonal surfaces. This aesthetic emphasizes the sporty and bold character of the vehicle, with the shades of the vehicle's silver paint changing depending on the viewing angle and light source. It also supports the vehicle's aerodynamic performance and minimalist design.

Nissan Hyper Punk Adapts to All Kinds of Surfaces with its Symmetrical Continuous Four-Wheel Drive System and 23-Inch Wheels

Nissan Hyper Punk is equipped with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System, one of Subaru's outstanding features. This system ensures that the vehicle provides excellent grip on all types of surfaces and a balanced driving performance. Additionally, thanks to the vehicle's large 23-inch wheels and 220 mm ground clearance, the vehicle expresses this versatile concept that is ideal for both urban and off-road driving.

Nissan Hyper Punk Increases Safety with New Generation EyeSight Driving Support System

Nissan Hyper Punk increases the safety level with the new generation EyeSight Driving Support System developed by Subaru. This system includes a total of 8 driver support and safety functions, 3 of which are new and 11 of which are improved. These functions include features such as lane tracking system, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking system.

Nissan Hyper Punk Will Be Testable in Fortnite Game

In addition to its introduction at the Japan Mobility Expo, the Nissan Hyper Punk will also be displayed on the Cross Shinjuku Vision digital-3D billboards in Tokyo's Shinjuku district. It will also be testable in the online Fortnite game called “Electrify the World” for those who want to further explore and enjoy this special tool.

Nissan Hyper Punk stands out for creativity.