Nissan is recalling Ariya models in North America due to some problems

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Nissan Ariya Recall Process

Nissan North America decided to recall 2023 vehicles due to a possible software error in 9,813 model Ariya EV vehicles. This situation once again reveals the critical importance of software updates in the automobile industry.

Detection of Software Error and Possible Consequences

According to communications from Nissan, a bug in the inverter software could detect a short circuit, which risks shutting down the electric vehicle's system. The driver may encounter an “EV System Off” warning, which is a safety precaution to avoid damaging the car's internal components. However, in fast driving conditions this can lead to loss of control.

Free Software Update

Nissan dealers will offer affected vehicle owners a free inverter software update to fix this software error. Ariya owners will be informed by October 20, 2023 and will be able to make an appointment for the necessary update.

Occurrence of Software Error and Reports

This bug was first detected in January 2022 and was noticed following a complaint from an Ariya owner in China. Later, in September 2023, multiple reports in California and Oklahoma confirmed the existence of the bug. Nissan took swift action and took precautions against safety problems.

Previous Issues: Past Nissan Ariya Recalls

The Ariya is not the first Nissan model to face this recall. Earlier this year, more than 1.000 models were recalled in North America due to loose or missing bolts that put the steering wheel at risk of coming off the steering column. However, this recall only affected the North American market, users in Europe should not need to worry.

Important Steps for Safe Driving

Nissan's quick and effective response is an effort to minimize the potential effects of the software bug. It is important for Ariya owners to contact dealers and have the update done by the specified date.