Mini plans to switch to a different sales strategy

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Mini Switches to Direct Sales Model Like Tesla

The BMW Group is making a radical change in its sales strategy in 2024. As the first step of this change, Mini is switching to a hybrid sales model similar to the direct sales model implemented by Tesla. This model will be implemented in Italy, Poland and Sweden from January 1, 2024.

This new sales model will cover the BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce brands and aim to provide a better service to customers. In this context, regional pricing and more direct communication with the customer will be provided.

Mini Completely Digitizes the Purchasing Process

With this new sales model, Mini completely digitizes the purchasing process. Customers will be able to seamlessly switch between online and physical purchasing experiences based on their preferences. They will also be able to customize their vehicles as they wish and track their order status.

Mini also attaches importance to its existing retail network and sees them as a part of this transformation. Retail partners will continue to provide high-quality consulting and care to customers. It will also provide access to the BMW Group's entire vehicle inventory and offer customers more choice.

Mini Offers Its Customers a More Personalized Shopping Experience

With this new sales model, Mini offers its customers a more personalized shopping experience. This model, which supports online and physical sales channels with an integrated IT system, offers a flexible approach. In addition to digitalization, it recognizes the diversity of customer preferences and helps customers find the most suitable vehicle according to their needs.

Mini is taking an important step in the automotive industry by switching to a direct sales model like Tesla. The step taken by the BMW Group with this evolutionary change to increase customer satisfaction and reach a wider customer base is of great importance.