Who is Mine Gümüşkaya? Did he join the Israeli army?


Woman volunteering in the Israeli army: Mine Gümüşkaya

A Turkish woman who supported the Israeli army despite the human tragedy in the Gaza Strip attracted great reaction on social media. A woman named Mine Gümüşkaya announced that she would join the army voluntarily, wearing the Israeli Defense Forces uniform and posing with weapons. So, who is Mine Gümüşkaya who made this scandalous decision? Did he join the Israeli army? Here is what is known about Mine Gümüşkaya.

Mine Gümüşkaya's life

Mine Gümüşkaya was born in Ankara in 1988. His father was a retired soldier and his mother was a housewife. She did not go to university after completing her high school education. After working in various jobs for a while, she moved to Germany in 2014. She married a Turkish man here but divorced soon after.

Mine Gümüşkaya shared her interest and sympathy for Israel during her time in Germany on her social media account. Gümüşkaya, who often published photographs with the Israeli flag and soldiers, also displayed a hostile attitude towards Turkey.

Mine Gümüşkaya's scandalous decision

Mine Gümüşkaya announced that she decided to join the army voluntarily to support the Israeli army in its attacks against the Gaza Strip in May 2021. In his post on his Twitter account, he said, "As a result of my decision, I have voluntarily decided to join the Israel Defense Forces. I will not be around for a while, I am sure victory will be ours."

Thousands of people reacted to Gümüşkaya's post. While some declared him a traitor, others said he was mentally unstable. Gümüşkaya did not pay attention to the criticism and stated that he was continuing his preparations to join the Israeli army.

Latest status of Mine Gümüşkaya

Mine Gümüşkaya was subjected to a massive lynching campaign on social media after her post claiming that she joined the Israeli army. Gümüşkaya, whose Twitter account was closed, defended herself by opening another account. “I am not a Turkish citizen and I wanted to join the army voluntarily. Before my old Twitter account was closed, I stated that I had no hostility towards Turkey, on the contrary, zam"I was sharing the Israeli-Turkish friendship at the moment," he said.

It is not clear whether Gümüşkaya joined the Israeli army. There was no statement from the Israel Defense Forces on the subject.