WHAT IS NATIONAL MOURNING (NATIONAL), is it a national mourning holiday or a public holiday? What happens when national mourning is declared?

national mourning

3 Days of National Mourning Declared in Turkey Following the Hospital Attack in Gaza

Three days of national mourning were declared in Turkey after 500 people lost their lives as a result of an Israeli hospital attack in Gaza. In his statement on social media, President Erdoğan stated that we feel in our hearts the great pain experienced by our Palestinian brothers.

What is National Mourning?

National mourning is the day declared on the anniversary of the death or death of an important person in their own country or in another country, which is accepted by the majority of the people of a country. In a country where national mourning is declared, flags are lowered to half-mast. In our country, not only the flags in front of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and Anıtkabir are lowered at half-mast.

In addition, national mourning may be declared due to a natural disaster, disaster, accident, war or terrorist attack.

National mourning is not considered a public holiday.

How to Declare National Mourning?

The national mourning decision is taken if deemed necessary following the evaluation made by the Prime Ministry upon the proposal of the General Directorate of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On days declared as national mourning, public institutions and organizations and private sector workplaces comply with normal working hours. However, necessary precautions are taken to show the respect and respect required by national mourning.

On the days when national mourning is declared, radio and television broadcasting organizations and other media organs broadcast broadcasts in accordance with the respect and respect required by national mourning.

Examples of National Mourning Declarations

Some examples of national mourning declared in the history of the Republic of Turkey are as follows:

  • 10 November 1938: Atatürk's death
  • September 12, 1980: After the coup
  • 17 August 1999: Marmara earthquake
  • September 11, 2001: Terrorist attack in the USA