MG4 Electric XPOWER is now officially in Turkey! Here are the features and details..

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MG4 Electric XPOWER Goes on Sale in Turkey!

MG (Morris Garages) launched the XPOWER version of the MG4 Electric, an assertive model in the electric car market, for sale in Turkey. Waiting for its buyers with prices starting from 2.299.000 TL with the assurance of Doğan Trend Otomotiv, MG4 Electric

Highlights of MG4 Electric XPOWER

MG4 Electric XPOWER bears the name XPOWER, referring to MG's famous history with racing cars. This name symbolizes MG's return to the high-performance car market. MG4 Electric XPOWER differs from its competitors in terms of both performance and design.

MG4 Electric XPOWER draws attention with its unique matte green color. It offers a stylish appearance with its 18-inch alloy sports wheels, special color brake calipers and black roof. Its aerodynamic design supports its performance.

MG4 Electric XPOWER completes the 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3.8 seconds. With this value, it is among the most powerful and fastest super sports on the market. It also provides practicality to its users with its battery that can be charged from 30% to 80% in 6,5 minutes.

MG4 Electric XPOWER also has advanced technological features. Systems such as the new Dynamic Cornering Control System, Intelligent Engine Control and launch control function maximize the driving experience. It is also assertive about security with its 5-star rating from EuroNcap.

How Was MG4 Electric XPOWER Received in Turkey?

MG4 Electric XPOWER was met with great interest in Turkey. MG4

MG4 Electric MG2023 XPOWER, which preserves the modern technology and hardware features of MG1.545 Electric, appeals to users seeking high performance.

MG4 Electric XPOWER offers an environmentally friendly and quiet alternative to traditional and noisy high-performance models. Moreover, with its sales price of 2.299.000 TL, it is one of the most affordable models in this segment. MG4 Electric XPOWER makes a difference in Turkey as a model that demonstrates MG's claim in the electric car market.