Some little facts about Mercedes' little G-Class

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Electric SUV Surprise from Mercedes: Small G!

Mercedes-Benz is adding a new member to the G-Class family: The electric SUV model, introduced under the name "Little G", is coming soon. zamwill hit the road soon. The Little G stands out as a more compact and stylish version of the current G-Class. While Mercedes enriched the traditional G-Class with electric options, it designed the Little G to be fully electric. Thus, a vehicle that is both environmentally friendly and high-performance was created.

Official Introduction of Little G

Mercedes CEO Ola Kallenius officially introduced the Little G at the IAA 2023 event. Using the name “Little G”, Kallenius emphasized that the vehicle has a sympathetic and lovable character. However, it was stated that the name of the vehicle will change to "EQG" when mass production begins.

Technical Specifications of Little G

The technical specifications of the Little G have not been fully disclosed yet. However, according to some predictions, the Little G will use Mercedes' compact Modular Architecture (MMA) platform. This platform can support both internal combustion engines and electric motors. The electric version of the small G is expected to have a four-wheel drive system, fast charging feature and a range of over 480 km.

Design and Advantages of Small G

The design of the small G will be updated to reflect Mercedes' modern and sophisticated line. While the little G is positioned as a small SUV, it will offer a premium feel and zamIt will offer urban and off-road performance together.

One of the biggest advantages of the little G is its price. Small G, the first model offered through Mercedes' online sales channel, stands out as an affordable electric SUV option.

Small G is a model that creates a new segment in the field of mobility and reaches a user profile in a wide age range. Small G, which meets the short-distance mobility needs of both individual customers and corporate companies, also offers an environmentally friendly option by being electric.

This surprise model from Mercedes seems to create a new competitive environment in the electric car market. What's your little G? zamIt is not yet clear whether it will be available for sale and in which countries it will be available.