Melikgazi Climbing Race will be held on 14-15 October

melikgazi racing

Melikgazi Climbing Race, the 2023th race of AVIS 6 Turkish Climbing Championship, will be held in Kayseri on 14-15 October by Eskişehir Automobile Sports Club (ESOK) with the contributions of ICRYPEX and Melikgazi Municipality.

5,50 athletes will compete in 3 different categories in the race, which will be run over 5 exits on the 28 kilometer long track starting from Kızılören-Avşar Junction.

The race, which will start with a ceremonial start in front of Melikgazi Municipality at 14 on Saturday, October 13.00, will continue with training starts between 14.30-18.00. The organization, with the first start starting at 15:10.00 on Sunday, October 1, will end with the award ceremony to be held in front of the Democracy Martyrs Primary School at 3:16.00 after the XNUMXrd start.

Hibya News Agency