What is the Ministry of Education's teacher appointment quota? zamWill the moment explain? Teacher Assignment Inquiry Screen

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What is the Teacher Appointment Quota? Zammoment to be announced? Breaking News from MEB

Teacher candidates are eagerly waiting for the appointment quota. The Ministry of National Education (MEB) will announce the teacher appointment quota at the end of October. Negotiations are continuing with the Ministry of Finance to determine the quota.

What will be the teacher appointment quota?

MEB continues its work to determine the teacher appointment quota in 2023. The Ministry is making efforts before the Ministry and the Presidency to obtain a high number of quotas.

According to information obtained by Memurlar.net, the number of teacher appointments is expected to be announced at the end of October. The statement will be made by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

It is not yet clear what the teacher appointment quota will be. However, it is claimed that the Ministry of Education requested a quota of around 100 thousand.