Mazda's new fully electric car is on the way! Date given!

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Mazda's First Full Electric Car Coming in 2025!

Mazda is a brand that has won the hearts of car lovers. However, it is also a fact that the brand is behind in terms of electric vehicles. While other automakers are investing in electric vehicles, Mazda's only option in the US is a $50 plug-in hybrid model. This situation disappoints Mazda fans.

But Mazda is preparing to change this situation. Mazda will launch its first fully electric car in 2025, according to a report published today by Automotive News. This news is officially confirmed by Mazda. Mazda North America CEO Tom Donnelly announced this plan.

This news is an important step for Mazda to enter the electric vehicle market. The automotive industry is changing rapidly and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Mazda's entry into the electric vehicle market will be a move that will make the future of the brand more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

What Will Mazda's Electric Car Be Like?

It is not yet known what the electric car that Mazda will launch in 2025 will be like. However, the MX-30 model, which Mazda introduced previously, may give clues in this regard. MX-30 was introduced in 2019 as Mazda's first electric crossover model. The MX-30 reflected Mazda's characteristic design language and driving dynamics.

The technical specifications of the MX-30 were as follows:

  • Battery capacity: 35.5 kWh
  • Range: 200 km
  • Power: 143 horsepower
  • Torque: 271 Nm
  • Charging time: 80 minutes for 40% charge (fast charge)

The MX-30 was available for sale in Europe and Japan. However, it had not yet entered the US market. The electric car that Mazda will launch in 2025 is expected to be different from the MX-30. Because the range and battery capacity of the MX-30 are lower than its competitors in the US market.