Mazda officially introduced the new Iconic SP concept

mazda sp

Mazda Iconic SP: Electric coupe with rotary engine

Mazda excites automobile enthusiasts with the Iconic SP concept it introduced today at the Japan Mobility Fair.

This special concept vehicle offers a feature that has been missed since 2012: rotary engine. Much like last year's Vision Study design, the Iconic SP is slightly larger than the current MX-5 Miata, making it look like a modern interpretation of the RX-7 legacy.

Iconic SP: The new role of the rotary engine

However, unlike that legendary coupe, the Iconic SP uses its two-rotor engine not to power the wheels, but to charge a battery of no particular capacity.

This battery then feeds an electric motor whose technical data is not specified. Although there is some uncertainty about the R-EV's powertrain, no matter where the energy source is, there is plenty of power: a full 365 horsepower.

Mazda says the rotary engine can run on a variety of fuels, including hydrogen and renewable fuel, and the battery can also be charged via a plug-in socket at home.

Iconic SP: Dimensions and weight

As for its dimensions, the Iconic SP is 5 mm longer than the current MX-266,7 Miata, but shorter than the 1995 RX-7. According to Mazda's statements, the Iconic SP weighs approximately 1,450 kilograms, which means it is 7 kg heavier than the RX-181 and approximately 362 kg heavier than the Miata. This extra weight seems to be a cost imposed by electronic components.

Mazda turns the dream of a rotary-powered electric coupe into reality with the Iconic SP concept. This model will be an ideal option for customers looking for both performance and environmental friendliness.