Mazda released images of a mysterious concept


Mazda is preparing to introduce a mysterious concept that will excite automobile enthusiasts at the Japan Mobility Fair. This big surprise will be on the brand's stand, along with the first generation Miata model and the newly introduced ND3 MX-5. Additionally, a specially designed half-scale MX-5 model will delight families and children.

The Adventure of Miata

Miata left its mark on automobile history with its first generation, codenamed "NA", and now continues its journey in its modernized form with "ND3". Loyal fans of Miata will experience the driving pleasure of this legendary roadster at the Japan Mobility Fair.

Half-Scale MX-5 Model

A detail that will especially please children is the specially designed half-scale MX-5 model. This miniature vehicle will introduce the magical world of Miata to young generations.

New Concept Vehicle

However, the most intriguing model on Mazda's stand is "a new concept vehicle designed to symbolize the theme of the exhibition." The clue visible from the top is similar to the Vision Study concept introduced last year. The separated taillights and distinctive “Mazda” lettering convey the aesthetic vision of the brand.

Vision Study Concept and the Future of Mazda

The Vision Study concept shown last year was designed to demonstrate Mazda's "interest in enjoyable vehicles." This new concept may reflect the brand's future design language and technological innovations.

Miata's Future

It is unclear whether the new concept is a harbinger of the next generation Miata. However, the recent introduction of the ND3 model indicates that the current roadster/coupe will remain in production for a while longer. The new model is expected to be available for sale in 2026 at the earliest.

Mazda is addressing automobile enthusiasts with a big surprise at the Japan Mobility Fair. The adventure of Miata and the new concept vehicle will showcase the passion and aesthetic vision of the brand.