WHO WAS ELIMINATED FROM MASTERCHEF? 29 OCTOBER 2023: Who left MasterChef All Star last night?


The Name Eliminated in MasterChef All Star Has Been Announced: October 29, 2023 Who Left MasterChef?

The elimination night of the 16th week of MasterChef All Star was watched with excitement. 8 contestants who entered the elimination pot in MasterChef, broadcast on TV7, worked hard to avoid elimination in a two-stage competition. In the first round of tasting by the chefs, Cemre, Esra and Tahsin went upstairs, while in the second round, Metin, Tanya, Barbaros and Batuhan remained. In the second round, the most unsuccessful contestant who tried to make Mehmet Chef's "Butterfly Effect from the Sea" plate was 2022 champion Metin. So, who was eliminated in MasterChef All Star? What happened on MasterChef on October 29, 2023? Here are the details.

Republic Day Special Plate at MasterChef

The names that entered the elimination pot in MasterChef All Star this week were Tahsin, Tanya, Esra, Batuhan, Metin, Cemre and Barbaros. In the first round, the chefs asked the contestants to make a special plate for the 100th anniversary of the Republic. The time given for the plate with the Turkish flag image was 45 minutes.

The contestants tried to impress the chefs by using different ingredients and techniques. At the end of the first round of tasting by Danilo Chef, Somer Chef and Mehmet Chef, the names who made the best plates were Cemre, Esra and Tahsin. These three contestants left the elimination pot and went upstairs.

Eliminated Name in MasterChef: Metin

Tanya, Metin, Barbaros and Batuhan remained in the final stage of the elimination round. In this round, the chefs asked the contestants to make Mehmet Chef's "Butterfly Effect from the Sea" plate. This plate was supposed to use seafood, butterfly pasta and sauce. With the given time, the contestants try to create the best plate. zamcompeted with the moment.

At the end of the exciting and tense round, the contestants presented their plates to the chefs as the time expired. The tasting chefs unanimously agreed that Barbaros and Batuhan were the first contestants to pass the final elimination stage. At the end of the night, Metin was eliminated from MasterChef All Star.

Metin's Emotional Farewell

The farewell of Metin, the 2022 champion, touched everyone. Metin said:

“Sometimes a mistake leads to a continuation. There's nothing can be done. The same thing happened in 2018, we were chosen as the best chef and I went abroad. As I was leaving, my chief said to me, 'Go and visit.' Went to reserve. When something breaks in me, it doesn't come back. Even though the body is gone, it holds me. There are some people out there who will be very angry with me. Sometimes losing is also winning, it's been a while since I learned this. I tried not to change as much as possible, but I didn't. The decisions I made brought me to these days. Sometimes a mistake costs more. I had to be careful, but I wasn't. More to come.”

Metin's friends and the chiefs hugged him and said goodbye. Metin left MasterChef All Star.