Who are the actors of the movie Dairy Philosopher Istanbul? Where was The Dairy Philosopher filmed?

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Dairy Philosopher Istanbul: Cast and Shooting Locations of the Comedy Movie

Dairy Philosopher Istanbul is a comedy film that was released in 2015 and received great acclaim from the audience. The director of the film is Müfit Can Saçıntı, and the script is written by Birol Güven. The film is about the adventures of Mustafa Ali, who comes to Istanbul from Çökertme village of Milas and tries to say goodbye to his father.

The Story of Dairy Philosopher Istanbul

Mustafa Ali learns that his father, who abandoned him and his mother years ago, is on his deathbed. His father married an English woman and had throat cancer. Mustafa Ali comes to Istanbul from Çökertme village of Milas to say goodbye to his father. However, there are many surprises waiting for him here. Mustafa Ali has problems with both his father and Gülfidan, who is a villager like him but is used to city life. Additionally, he starts to stay in the house given by real estate agent Basri. Funny and interesting events occur in this house.

Actors of Dairy Philosopher Istanbul

Müfit Can Saçıntı plays the leading role in the movie Dairy Philosopher Istanbul. Müfit Can Saçıntı plays the character of Mustafa Ali. Mustafa Ali is a man who comes to the city from the village and tries to confront his father.

Other important actors of the film are:

  • Kemal Kuruçay: As real estate agent Basri. He is a real estate agent who gave Mustafa Ali a house and became friends with him.
  • Gülnihal Demir: As Gülfidan. She is a woman who is Mustafa Ali's childhood friend and falls in love with him.
  • Abdullah Şahin: In the role of Cumhur. Mustafa is a man who is Ali's friend and helps him.
  • Zinaida Chistol as Elizabeth. She is an English woman who is the second wife of Mustafa Ali's father.
  • Uğur Alibaşoğlu: As Halil İbrahim. He is a man who is the son of Mustafa Ali's father, that is, Mustafa Ali's half-brother.
  • Alper Duzen: As Hilmi. He is a man who is a colleague of Mustafa Ali and gives him advice.
  • Nihan Durukan: As Özlem. She is a woman whom Mustafa Ali met at work and liked.
  • Birol Güven: As the boss. He is a man who owns the company where Mustafa Ali works.
  • Mehmet Auf: In the role of Human Resources Officer. He is an officer who met with Mustafa Ali when he was hired.
  • Mahir İpek: In the role of Sales Coach. Mustafa is a coach at Ali's workplace who teaches him sales techniques.

Filming Locations of Dairy Philosopher Istanbul

The shooting of the Dairy Philosopher Istanbul movie was carried out in two different places. Part of the movie was shot in Bodrum Çökertme village. This is where Mustafa Ali was born and raised and where his mother lives. The other part of the movie was shot in Istanbul.