Li Auto's new electric minivan introduced

li auto minivan

Li Auto Mega Enters China's Electric Minivan Market

The electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly in China, and the minivan segment is also getting its share of this growth. Many brands are introducing their new models to compete in this segment. One of them is Li Auto, a Beijing-based startup. Li Auto announced its new electric minivan called Li Auto Mega. This vehicle is the company's first fully electric vehicle.

Li Auto Mega Attracts Attention with Its Aerodynamic Design

Li Auto's CEO, Li Xiang, shared some photos of the vehicle on his social media account. The first thing seen in the photos is that the minivan has an aerodynamic design. The design of the vehicle, which is a continuous line extending from the front bumper to the rear window, is important in terms of both aesthetics and efficiency. In addition, the thin LED strip under the windshield, similar to the Hyundai Staria, and the headlights placed on the bumper complete the modern appearance of the vehicle.

Li Xiang asked his followers to estimate the vehicle's drag coefficient. Although the company has not made an official statement yet, according to estimates, the drag coefficient may be at a rare value in the minivan segment, such as 0,21 cd.

Li Auto Mega Offers 500 kW Fast Charging and Autonomous Driving Features

When we look at the technical specifications of Li Auto Mega, we see that there is a collaboration with CATL on the battery side. Qilin triple battery pack offers fast charging support up to 500 kW. In this way, the vehicle can reach a range of 22 km with just 600 minutes of charging. This provides a great advantage for long journeys.

Another important feature of Li Auto Mega is its autonomous driving capabilities. There is a lidar sensor on the vehicle. Thanks to this sensor, the vehicle can perceive its surroundings in three dimensions and act according to the traffic situation.

The official launch of Li Auto Mega will be in December 2023 and its sales will start in January 2024. The starting price of the vehicle is expected to be around $68.363 at today's exchange rate.