Lexus' new LM model is officially in Turkey!

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Lexus' Luxury Minivan LM Goes on Sale in Turkey!

Lexus introduced LM, its first model in its new segment, to the Turkish market. Bringing the comfort of a private jet to the roads, LM creates a new definition of luxury with its 4- and 7-seat versions. LM, which is an environmentally friendly option with its Self-Charging Hybrid technology, is offered for sale at prices starting from 8.900.000 TL.

LM, the Fourth Model of Lexus' New Era

Lexus launched LM, the fourth model of its new era that uses its new design language, platform, power units and innovative technologies, for sale in Turkey. The LM, that is, Luxury Mover model, was named in accordance with the naming used by the brand in its flagship models such as LS Sedan and LC Coupe. LM maximizes the level of comfort offered by the brand and offers its passengers the comfort of private jet aircraft.

LM Available in 4 and 7 Seat Versions

LM has 4-person VIP and 7-person versions. Both versions have four body color options: Sonic White, Graphite Black, Sonic Titanium and Sonic Claret Red. The 4-person VIP version enters the Turkish market with a price of 10.900.000 TL, while the 7-person version is offered for sale with a price of 8.900.000 TL.

All versions of LM come standard with a 14-inch touchscreen multimedia screen, Lexus navigation, Automatic Parking Assistant, Lexus Safety System+, 19-inch alloy wheels, heated/ventilated front and rear seats, massage rear seats, glass sunroof, electric sunshades and electric sliding Features such as doors/trunk lid are included.

Featuring LM Self-Charging Hybrid Technology

The LM features the Self-Charging Hybrid technology that the brand launched with the new NX. In the model called LM 350h, the 2.5-liter gasoline engine is combined with an electric motor. In this way, 250 HP power and 239 Nm torque are produced. In addition, thanks to the E-Four electronic four-wheel drive system, ideal traction and safe handling are achieved in all conditions.

What are the LM's Hardware Levels?

LM has two hardware levels: Light Edition and Dark Edition. The Light Edition comes standard with VIP second row seats, 50:50 folding third row seats, heated wood and leather steering wheel, 21-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Sound System, 14-inch screen and Color Display Screen Reflected on the Windshield.

Dark Edition, on the other hand, comes with fully reclining VIP rear seats, heated leather steering wheel, 23-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Sound System, 48-inch rear screen, separator and refrigerator.

Lexus' luxury minivan LM went on sale in Turkey. With this model, Lexus creates a new definition of luxury. You can visit the nearest Lexus dealer to see and try the LM closely.