Meet the new future of Lexus: LF-ZC!


Lexus LF-ZC Concept: The Future of the Electric Hatchback

Lexus unveiled one of its first models to enter electric car production at the Japan Mobility Fair. The concept model called LF-ZC attracts attention in terms of both design and technology.

Lexus' Electrification Process

Lexus, as Toyota's premium brand, can be considered the pioneer of hybrid cars. However, it has not yet made a move in the electric car market. This changes with the LF-ZC concept.

Lexus announced that it has officially entered the electrification process with the LF-ZC concept. The brand announced that the production version of this concept will be launched in 2024.

Design of the LF-ZC Concept

The LF-ZC concept reflects Lexus' new design language. The body type of the model is defined as hatchback. However, the futuristic lines of the model distinguish it from an ordinary hatchback.

The front of the model features Lexus' signature large grille. On the sides of the grille there are thin and sharp LED headlights. The side profile of the model offers a sporty appearance with wide wheel arches and low roof line.