Lamborghini is waiting for its synthetic fuels!

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Lamborghini Will Not Say Goodbye to Internal Combustion Engines with Synthetic Fuels

While Lamborghini is preparing for the electric future, it does not intend to say goodbye to internal combustion engines completely. The brand expects the development of synthetic fuels and believes that internal combustion engines can be more environmentally friendly.

How Lamborghini Plans for the Electric Future

Lamborghini took its first step into the electric future with the Asterion concept it introduced in 2014. This concept attracted attention as the brand's first hybrid model. Last year, Revuelto, the brand's first PHEV model, was launched. Although this model was a supercar with a V12 engine, it could also be driven in electric mode.

While Lamborghini was expected to accelerate its electric models, a much more interesting statement came from the brand. Brand CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in a statement to the Autocar team that he sees synthetic fuels as a way of salvation. If this technology develops and becomes successful, we will continue to see internal combustion Lambo models using synthetic fuel in the future.

Winkelmann stated that synthetic fuels “will be a much easier transition for us.” The 59-year-old manager said that electric models “zamHe is confident that it will become much more performant than its internal combustion brothers in no time. However, he believes that for this to happen, battery technology must be improved and weights must be reduced.

Of course, Lamborghini will not turn its back on electricity. In addition to the second generation Urus, the Lanzador, which will be sold only as an electric vehicle, is also in the plans. Lanzador, which will debut in 2028, is a first for both the brand and its customers.

Winkelmann also said that he was aware that the first super electric would not be the Lanzador. However, Lanzador will aim to be the best in its segment.

What Can Lamborghini Do with Synthetic Fuels?

Synthetic fuels, unlike fossil fuels, are fuels produced from renewable energy sources. The advantages of these fuels include being compatible with the existing infrastructure of internal combustion engines and reducing carbon emissions.

Lamborghini believes that internal combustion engines can be more environmentally friendly with synthetic fuels. The brand thinks that in this way, it can preserve the characteristic sound, feel and performance of internal combustion engines.

Lamborghini continues to work on the development of synthetic fuels. Last year, the brand launched a research project on synthetic fuels with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This project is a continuation of the Terzo Millennio concept, which the brand developed in collaboration with MIT in 2017.

Lamborghini will not say goodbye to internal combustion engines with synthetic fuels. While the brand is planning the electric future, it also wants to ensure the development of internal combustion engines.