Kia closes pickup model zamcan introduce at the same time

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Kia's Electric Pickup Truck Will Be Debuted Soon

South Korean automobile manufacturer Kia announced that it plans to launch two electric pickup truck models by 2027. Close up of one of these models zamIt was revealed in an interview given by Kia's head of design Karim Habib that it will be introduced at the same time.

Kia's Electric Pickup Truck May Be Tasman

There are some claims that the name of Kia's electric pickup truck model will be Tasman. These claims were strengthened when Kia registered the Tasman name as a trademark. Tasman may share the same design language with the South Korean brand's new electric crossover models EV3 and EV5. Karim Habib said about Kia's new electric pickup truck model: "It looks like you'll have a chance to take a look soon."

Kia's Electric Pickup Truck Will Compete in the American Market

The technical specifications and range of Kia's electric pickup truck model are not yet known. However, it is estimated that this model will attract great attention, especially in the American market. Pickup truck models are very popular in the American market, and brands such as Kia also reach high sales figures in this market. Kia's electric pickup truck model will compete with rivals such as Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T.

Who is Kia's Head of Design Karim Habib?

Karim Habib, Kia's head of design, plays a major role in creating the new design face of the brand. Habib also plays an important role in Kia's electric road map. Habib was previously the designer of successful models such as the BMW F01 7 Series. Before joining Kia, Habib worked as design director at Infiniti.