What is the blood money game? How to play the blood money game?

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Dangerous Fun of Students: Blood Money Game

The blood money game, which came to the fore with videos shared on social media, has become a popular pastime among students. This game is a punishment game played with coins that causes bleeding in the hands. So, what is the blood money game, how to play it and is it prohibited? Here are the details…

What is the Blood Money Game and How to Play?

Blood money game is a game played with coins. In the game, a coin is thrown into the air and an attempt is made to hold it in the air with the back of the hand. After it is squeezed between the fingers, it is hit on the table 3 times, calling it blood money. If the person playing the game drops the money, he will be punished. This punishment is based on the person who drops the coin making a fist and placing it vertically on the table and hitting the other person with the coin.

This game is widely played, especially among middle school and high school students. To make the game even bloodier, students make cuts around the coins with knives. In this way, bleeding occurs in the hands and fingers hit with the coin.

What are the harms of the Blood Money Game?

The harms of the blood money game are not only physical but also zamIt can also be psychological at the same time. This game can cause students to become violent, aggressive and cruel. In addition, the unhygienic nature of the coins used in the blood money game can cause infections and wounds on the hands.

Is Blood Money Game Banned?

Considering the dangers of the blood money game, many school administrations have banned this game. Disciplinary punishment is given to students who play this game in schools. But unfortunately, many students continue to play despite this ban.