What is a Blood Moon Eclipse? zammoment, on what date will it take place? 2023 Blood Moon Eclipse

blood moon eclipse

2023 Blood Moon Eclipse: Date, Time and Viewing Methods

In the last days of October, a spectacular event will occur in the sky: Blood Moon Eclipse. This rare celestial event can also be observed from Turkey. So, what is a Blood Moon Eclipse? zammoment will take place and how will it be watched? Here are all the curious details.

What is a Blood Moon Eclipse? Zammoment Will it happen?

Blood Moon Eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon zama type that occurs in moments Lunar eclipseis. Meanwhile, the Earth's shadow falls on the Moon and the Moon turns reddish. That's why this eclipse is called the Blood Moon Eclipse.

There will be two Lunar Eclipses in 2023. The first of these happened in May and could not be clearly seen from Turkey. The Second Lunar Eclipse will take place on October 28-29, 2023 and can be watched from Turkey.

According to the 2023 celestial events calendar of Kandilli Observatory, on 28-29 October 2023 Partial Lunar Eclipse It will start at 21:01 and end at 01:26.

Where to Watch the Blood Moon Eclipse?

Partial Lunar Eclipse can be observed in all continents of Asia, Europe and Africa. The Moon will set while the eclipse continues in the easternmost part of Asia and Australia. The Moon will rise while the eclipse continues in the westernmost tip of Africa, the Atlantic Ocean and the east of the American continent.

The entire eclipse can be watched in Turkey. During the eclipse, 35 percent of the Moon will be in the Earth's shadow. Therefore, the color of the Moon will darken and take on a reddish tone.

How to Watch the Blood Moon Eclipse?

The Blood Moon Eclipse is a celestial event that can be watched with the naked eye or simple binoculars. However, it would be better to use a telescope for a clearer and more detailed image.

It is important to choose a clear and bright place to watch the eclipse. You can see the eclipse better from a high point or by the sea, away from city lights.

You do not need to use any protective glasses or filters while watching the eclipse. However, if you want to take photos during the eclipse, you may need to attach a suitable filter to the lens of your camera or phone.

Don't forget to follow the times so you don't miss the eclipse. The Blood Moon Eclipse will start at 28:29 on October 2023-21, 01 and end at 01:26. Don't miss this magnificent celestial event.