Who is Jesse Owens, how old is he and where is he from?

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Who is Jesse Owens? Legendary Athlete Who Won Four Gold Medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

Jesse Owens is an American athlete and Olympic champion. Jesse Owens made history by winning four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. With this success, Jesse Owens became a symbol against racial discrimination and also challenged Adolf Hitler's Nazis. So, who is Jesse Owens, how old is he and where is he from? Here are the things you want to know about the legendary athlete…

Where is Jesse Owens from? How old?

Jesse Owens was born in Alabama on September 12, 1913. The athlete, whose real name is James Cleveland Owens, was called "JC" as a child. However, when they moved to Ohio, his teacher mistook his name as “Jesse” and he became known by that name.

Jesse Owens died in Arizona on March 66, 31, at the age of 1980.

How Did Jesse Owens Become an Athlete?

Jesse Owens started athletics during his high school years. He broke the record in his first race in high school. He later entered Ohio State University, where he achieved great success in athletics.

At the Big Ten Championships held in Michigan in 1935, Jesse Owens broke four world records in just 45 minutes. These records were: 100 yards (9.4 seconds), long jump (8.13 meters), 220 yards (20.3 seconds) and 220 yard hurdles (22.6 seconds).

What Did Jesse Owens Do at the Berlin Olympics?

Jesse Owens participated in the Summer Olympics held in Berlin in 1936. These Olympics were an event hosted by Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany and planned as a demonstration of the "superior German race".

However, Jesse Owens foiled these plans and won four gold medals at the Olympics. These gold medals were: 100 meters (10.3 seconds), 200 meters (20.7 seconds), long jump (8.06 meters) and 4×100 meter relay (39.8 seconds).

With these achievements, Jesse Owens became the pride of both black people and Americans. He also won a victory against Hitler's Nazis.

What Was Life Like After Jesse Owens?

Jesse Owens refused to become a professional athlete after the Olympics and retained his amateur status.

However, there was still racial discrimination in America and Jesse Owens did not receive the respect he deserved.

Jesse Owens worked a variety of jobs and gave lectures.

He also served on sports committees and supported young athletes.

Jesse Owens was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Gerald Ford in 1976.

Jesse Owens died of lung cancer in 1980.