It may be the first electric model sedan from Infitini!

infiniti sedan

Infiniti's First Electric Vehicle Will Be an Passionate Sedan

As Infiniti prepares to enter the electric vehicle market, it has chosen a different path from other brands turning to SUV models. The Japanese luxury car manufacturer announced that its first electric vehicle will be a sedan.

Why Did Infiniti Choose a Sedan?

The biggest reason behind Infiniti's first electric vehicle being a sedan is "passion". The company plans to compete in this segment by evaluating the interest and appreciation of its customers in sedan models.

“The sedan segment is still very important for the U.S. market,” said Infiniti's Senior Director of Operations Bob Welby in our interview. “We have a long history and heritage in this field and we have a lot of passionate fans… with this passion, every zam"We are receiving this kind of demand every now and then."

Welby reminded that Infiniti's sedan models have achieved great success in the past. In particular, the G2000 and G2010 models, released in the 35s and early 37s, were highly appreciated as performance and sporty sedans. These models brought a loyal audience to the Infiniti brand with both four-door and two-door versions.

What Will Infiniti's First Electric Sedan Be Like?

It is said that the name of Infiniti's first electric sedan will be Qe. This model will be built on the company's new electric vehicle platform and will be introduced in 2023.

Infiniti has not yet made an official statement about the technical specifications of the Qe model, but according to the clues given by Welby, this model is expected to be quite high-performance. Welby, “Design is every zam"The moment has been an important focus for us… and you can also see some strong elements of our history related to the concept of 'driving pleasure'," he said.

Welby also said that the Qe model will reflect Infiniti's design DNA. This means that we will see Infiniti's characteristic design features in this model. For example, double-curved grille, sharp headlights, flowing lines and sporty stance.

The fact that Infiniti's first electric vehicle is a sedan shows the company's assertiveness in the electric vehicle market. Infiniti plans to make a difference with an electric sedan that aims to stimulate the passion of its customers and increase driving pleasure.