Hypercar Delage D12 started production with V12 engine!

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Delage D12: Legendary Hypercar with V12 Engine is in Production!

Delage, the legendary name of the automobile world, was reborn in 2019 under the leadership of CEO Laurent Tapie. Now, it has started production of the groundbreaking D12 hypercar. This magnificent car produces 7.6 horsepower with its 12-liter V1,100 engine and electric motor. It also has features such as a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, central driving position and F1-inspired suspension system.

Technical Details of Delage D12

Delage D12 has an engine combination that is rare in the automobile industry. The 7.6-liter V12 engine and a single electric motor produce a total of 1,100 horsepower and 1076 Nm of torque. This powerful duo offers drivers breathtaking performance. Delage combines this powerful engine with a light and rigid carbon fiber monocoque chassis. Thanks to this, the weight of the car is only 1,400 kg.

The interior of the Delage D12 is also quite interesting. The car features a central driving position and a unique contractive suspension system inspired by F1. This system is a special design used by the McLaren and Ferrari F90 teams of the 1s and is now back in the car industry, unique to the Delage brand.

Production and Price of Delage D12

Production of the Delage D12 takes place at a specially designed Delage facility in Magny-Cours, France. However, we will have to be a little more patient to see this unique car on the roads. The D30, of which only 12 units will be produced in total, may take five years to complete.

This magnificent hypercar will be available in the USA with a price tag of approximately 2.3 million dollars (2.7 million Euros). However, it remains unclear whether all 30 examples have been sold yet. Delage D12 stands out as a real temptation for car enthusiasts looking for the perfect combination of luxury and performance.