Gram Gold statement from Hatice Kolçak! How much will Gram Gold cost?

gram gold price

Can the Gram Gold Price Exceed 2,500 TL?

The gold market is going through an active period due to the impact of economic uncertainties and exchange rates. Market expert Hatice Kolçak made important predictions about gold prices and said that gram gold could exceed 2,500 TL.

What Affects Gold Prices?

Hatice Kolçak stated that one of the most important factors affecting gold prices is the dollar exchange rate. According to Turkey's Medium Term Program data, the dollar exchange rate will approach 2023 TL in 10. This will also cause gold prices to rise.

Kolçak emphasized that another factor affecting gold prices is the price of an ounce. The ounce price is considered the key indicator of world gold markets. He stated that if the ounce price exceeds 2,000 dollars, gram gold may exceed 3,000 TL.

Suggestions for Those Who Want to Invest in Gold

Hatice Kolçak gave some suggestions to those who want to invest in gold. Kolçak said that a reliable investment instrument such as gold is important especially in times of crisis. He also stated that investors should closely follow the developments in the gold market and pay attention to fluctuations in exchange rates.