Large and performance SUV: features and price of BYD Tang

byd tang feature

BYD, as an assertive player in the electric vehicle market, is entering the Turkish market with a big surprise. The company, which introduced the electric SUV model Tang at its launch in Istanbul, dazzles with this vehicle that attracts attention with its size and performance.

Exterior Design of BYD Tang

BYD Tang has a length of 4870 mm, a width of 1950 mm, a height of 1725 mm and a wheelbase of 2820 mm. These dimensions make Tang stand out in its segment. Its large grille design, 22-inch wheels and Brembo brakes show that the Tang is a performance-oriented SUV.

Interior and Technology

Although the interior resembles the SUV version of Han, it attracts attention with different details and materials used. The 12.3-inch LCD instrument screen and 12.8-inch touchscreen multimedia screen offer the driver a contemporary experience. However, in some details, a classic design image prevails rather than a luxury SUV.

Electric Power and Performance

BYD Tang has two electric motors that produce a total of 380 kW power and 680 Nm torque. With its four-wheel drive feature and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, it exhibits a performance comparable to that of a sports car. Additionally, it offers a driving range of up to 86.4 km with its 400 kWh capacity battery.

Charging and Practical Use

BYD Tang's driving range of up to 528 km in urban use is quite suitable for meeting daily needs. With 120 kW fast charging, it takes only 30 minutes for the battery to reach 80% charge from 30%.

Arrival to Turkey and Pricing

BYD Tang's arrival date in Turkey is not clear, but it is among the models that will be offered to the Turkish market. Its price starts around 70 thousand euros in Germany.

BYD Tang is a candidate to be an assertive player in the electric SUV segment with its large interior volume, impressive performance and modern technology. It stands out as one of the eagerly awaited models in the Turkish market.