Who is football player Rayyan Baniya, how old is he, where is he from?

rayyan baniya

Rayyan Baniya, who was added to the squad of Trabzonspor in the Super League, has become a name that football fans have been wondering about recently. The 24-year-old defender, who was also called up to the National Team after Ozan Kabak was injured, is both a Turkish and Benin citizen. So, who is Rayyan Baniya? How old is football player Rayyan Baniya and where is he from? What position does Rayyan Baniya play? Here's what you need to know about Trabzonspor's new transfer Rayyan Baniya.

Who is Rayyan Baniya?

Rayyan Baniya was born on February 18, 1999 in Bologna, Italy. Baniya, whose father is Beninese and mother is Turkish, is a football player with dual passports. The young player, who plays in the Topper position, started football at the age of 14 in the Bologna infrastructure. Baniya, who attracted attention with his performance here, was transferred to Sassuolo, one of the Serie A teams, in 2017. Baniya, who was promoted to the A team in Sassuolo and played his first match in the 2018-2019 season, was later loaned to Serie C teams Piacenza and Monza, respectively.

Baniya, who was transferred to Trabzonspor, one of the Super League teams, for a transfer fee of 2020 million euros in the 2021-2 season, played his first match in the claret-blue jersey against Gaziantep FK. Baniya, who played in 9 matches for Trabzonspor and scored 1 goal, won the trust of coach Abdullah Avcı with his performance in defense.

Rayyan Baniya, same zamHe is a football player who is currently called to the National Team. Baniya, who was included in the national team squad after Ozan Kabak was injured, strongly emphasized his bond with his Turkish identity. The young actor, who identifies himself as Turkish, stated that being the son of a Turkish mother is his identity. Same zamHe stated that he currently has a dream of playing in the National Team and that President Süleyman Hurma supports this idea.

What Position Does Rayyan Baniya Play?

Rayyan Baniya is a football player who plays in the ball position. Baniya, who can play as both a right and left defender, draws attention with his physical strength, air dominance and ball technique. He can also create danger for the opponent's goal with his long shots and effectiveness in dead balls. Displaying an aggressive and combative playing style in defence, Baniya harmonizes well with his teammates.

This is what you need to know about Trabzonspor's new transfer Rayyan Baniya. Baniya, a young and talented football player, can be an important acquisition for both Trabzonspor and the National Team. We wish success to Rayyan Baniya.