F1 may want General Motors to break its deal with Andretti!


Why Does F1 Oppose the Andretti-Cadillac Partnership?

The Andretti family, which wants to become the eleventh team in Formula 1, received approval from the FIA ÔÇőÔÇőin cooperation with General Motors' Cadillac brand. However, the current teams and Formula 1 management are not willing to accept this partnership.

Andretti's Plans to Enter Formula 1

The Andretti family is one of the most important names in American racing history. They achieved great success in Formula 1, with Mario Andretti becoming the world champion in 1978.

Now the new generation of the Andretti family wants to return to Formula 1. With the experience he gained in Formula E, Michael Andretti is making plans to establish a team in Formula 1.

As part of these plans, it signed an agreement with General Motors' Cadillac brand. Thus, a new team called Andretti-Cadillac emerged. This team announced that it is preparing to compete in Formula 2023 in 1, with approval from the FIA.

Reaction of Existing Teams and Formula 1 Management

Andretti-Cadillac's entry into Formula 1 was not liked by the existing teams and Formula 1 management. The reasons for this situation were cited as sharing of prize money, increased competition and concerns about General Motors' power unit.

The current teams do not want the eleventh team to get a share of the revenue pool. They are also unhappy that the American team is increasing Formula 1's popularity in the US market.

Formula 1 management, on the other hand, thinks that General Motors' Cadillac brand is not suitable for Formula 1. He also opposes General Motors' development of its own power unit.

According to APNews, Formula 1 management wants General Motors to leave Andretti. Thus, the Andretti-Cadillac partnership will be broken and the eleventh team problem will be solved.

Andretti's Defense

The Andretti-Cadillac partnership responds to the criticism made against them. Michael Andretti takes it personally that current teams don't want him.

Andretti says they will contribute to Formula 1 and represent American racing culture. He also states that there is no problem with General Motors' power unit.

The Andretti-Cadillac partnership stands behind the approval they received from the FIA. Additionally, Formula 1 management is trying to meet with Liberty Media and Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.