F-150, Bronco Sport and Edge are coming to Turkey soon!

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Bronco Sport, F-150 and Edge Will Be Available in Limited Numbers

Ford Turkey Business Area Leader Özgür Yücetürk said that these special models, which reflect the adventurous spirit of the brand, will be limited to 70 units per model in the first place, as there is no homologation. However, he added that this number may increase depending on demand. Yücetürk said, “As Turkey, we took some initiatives and decided to bring these models with the philosophy of 'Freedom Machines'. "These models will be on sale at FordStores along with our electric models," he said.

F-150 Lightning May Also Come to Turkey

Ford's investments in electric vehicles continue. While the factory in Cologne is being transformed into a factory that will produce fully electric vehicles, the electric version of Puma will start production in 2024 in the factory in Romania. Work is being carried out to bring Ford's remarkable electric Pick-Up model, the F-150 Lightning, to Turkey with the 'Freedom Machines' approach.

Ford and Volkswagen Partnership Takes Action in South Africa

Within the scope of the commercial partnership signed between Ford and Volkswagen, Volkswagen's MEB platform will be used in Ford's light commercial vehicles. Likewise, Ford's Ranger platform will also be featured in Volkswagen's Amarok model. Both models will be produced at the Silverton factory in South Africa.

Years ago, Ford offered Edge for sale in Turkey once again. However, the new generation of this model has more advanced technology and design. Bronco Sport, on the other hand, draws attention as the younger brother of Ford's legendary off-road model Bronco. F-150 is known as the world's best-selling Pick-Up model.

For those who are curious about these special models of Ford, Motor1.com Türkiye team will make detailed reviews. The prices and sales dates of these models are not yet clear. However, it is said that the pre-book collection process can start online.