“Unique Nissan Days” have begun! Here are discounts up to 125 thousand TL..

April days

Special Test Drive Days from Nissan for Republic Day!

Nissan Turkey offers a special opportunity to its customers in October, when the Republic celebrates its 100th anniversary. Test drive days, organized under the name "Unique Nissan Days", take place at Nissan dealers across Turkey between 21-28 October. Those who want to test Nissan models at this event will be able to benefit from special prices and financing options.

What's in "Unique Nissan Days"?

During "Unique Nissan Days", those who want to own a Nissan will be able to participate in both entertaining and educational activities. In special workshops, they will be able to get information about the technological features of Nissan models, and children will be able to spend time in the painting areas.

In addition, Nissan showrooms and authorized services will be open until 24:26 at night on Tuesday, October 22 and Thursday, October 00. In this way, customers can get what they want zamThey will be able to examine and test Nissan models.

Which Models Are in “Unique Nissan Days”?

"Unique Nissan Days" include Nissan's most popular models. Qashqai, the creator of the C-SUV segment, Juke, the notable player of the B-SUV segment, and the new X-Trail, which was chosen as the car of the year, are among the prominent models at this event.

The mild hybrid Designpack version of Qashqai is offered with an extra price advantage of 125.000 TL and a 125.000 TL 12-month 0% interest loan opportunity for individual customers. Other mild hybrid versions of Qashqai are on sale with either 125.000 TL price support or 75.000 TL support and 125.000 TL 12 months 0% interest options.

Versions of Qashqai with e-POWER technology, which offers an electric driving experience without the need for external charging, are offered to customers with price support of 125.000 TL or 75.000 TL support and 125.000 TL 12 months 0% interest options.

The new X-Trail draws attention with its recommended turnkey price of 125.000 TL. This model also includes a special price support of 50.000 TL for commercial customers and an installment commercial loan alternative of 450.000 TL for 15 months at an interest rate of 1,99%.

Juke, on the other hand, is offered for sale with a price support of 100.000 TL or a price support of 50.000 TL and a price support of 125.000 TL, 12 months maturity and 0% interest. In this model, there is a special price support of 50.000 TL for commercial customers and a commercial loan alternative of 450.000 TL, 15 months with a rate of 1,99%. Juke also makes a difference with its special 30.000 TL cash purchase support for engineers.

How Can I Participate in “Unique Nissan Days”?

All you have to do to participate in “Unique Nissan Days” is to visit your nearest Nissan dealer between 21-28 October. In this way, you can test Nissan models and experience the enthusiasm of the Republic and the privilege of Nissan. Hurry up to own the Nissan model of your dreams, don't miss this opportunity!