Who is Bilal Hancı, who allegedly cheated on his wife?

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Esin Çepni's Husband Bilal Hancı's Cheating Scandal!

Social media phenomenon Esin Çepni revealed that her husband Bilal Hancı was cheating on her with another woman. Esin Çepni reacted greatly by sharing the images of her husband in the nightclub on her Instagram account.

Who is Bilal Hancı?

Bilal Hancı was born on September 8, 1989 in Trabzon. He studied at Istanbul University. He founded the Youtube channel Kafalar together with Atakan Özyurt and Fatih Yasin and reached millions of followers. He starred in the movie Kafalar Karışık. He married Esin Çepni in 2019.

How Did Esin Çepni Learn About Betrayal?

Esin Çepni learned the other night that her husband Bilal Hancı was cheating on her. In a video sent to him by a friend, he saw his wife kissing a woman in a nightclub. Esin Çepni, who was shocked by these images, opened a live broadcast on her Instagram account and explained the pain she experienced.

What Did Esin Çepni Say?

Esin Çepni burst into tears on live broadcast and said:

"Each zamI tried to stay strong at the moment, but I couldn't stand it today. Tonight has been the worst night of my life. I saw with my own eyes the betrayal of my wife. “I want you to see it too.”

Esin Çepni shared the images of her husband's betrayal with her followers and continued as follows:

“What should I do, tell me? I am not noble enough to suffer silently for a public betrayal. I've been watching the video for hours in bed as if paralyzed. "Let alone doing it secretly, he has become so despicable that he sings songs eye to eye."

Esin Çepni also announced that she would divorce her husband Bilal Hancı and asked for support from her followers.

Is there a statement from Bilal Hancı?

Bilal Hancı remains silent after the betrayal images shared by his wife Esin Çepni. Bilal Hancı, who did not make any statement on his social media accounts, faced the reaction of his followers.

It was claimed that the woman whom Bilal Hancı allegedly betrayed was a model who was in the process of divorce.

This scandalous incident also became a trending topic on social media and thousands of comments and shares were made.