The production location of the new electric Land Rover Defender has been confirmed

electr defender

Where will the Electric Land Rover Defender be produced? Here are the Details!

The electric Land Rover Defender will be produced at Jaguar Land Rover's (JLR) factory in Slovakia. What does the company say about the new electric Defender? zamAn did not give a clear date for its release. However, it has announced plans to offer nine all-electric models by 2030. One of these models will be the electric Defender.

What are the Features of Electric Defender?

The electric Defender will be the electric version of JLR's existing Defender model. This model is being developed as part of JLR's 15 billion pound ($18 billion) electric vehicle investment. The electric Defender is expected to be both an environmentally friendly and high-performance vehicle.

The technical specifications of the Electric Defender have not been announced yet. However, it is possible to make some predictions by looking at JLR's other electric models. For example, Jaguar I-Pace, JLR's first fully electric model, has two electric motors producing 400 horsepower and 696 Nm of torque. Thanks to these engines, I-Pace can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4,8 seconds. In addition, I-Pace's 90 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery offers a range of 470 km on a single charge.

It's possible that the electric Defender will deliver similar or better performance. In addition, it is estimated that the off-road capabilities of the electric Defender will not lag behind the current model.

Where will the Electric Defender be produced?

JLR's factory in Slovakia was chosen as the production site for the electric Defender. This factory currently produces the current Defender model. The factory was opened in 2018 and has the capacity to produce 150 thousand vehicles annually.

JLR announced that in addition to its factory in Slovakia, it will also produce electric vehicles in its Solihull and Halewood factories in England. Six Range Rover and Jaguar electric models will be produced in these factories.