Who is Ediz Tiyanşan, where is Ediz Tiyanşan from and how old is he?


Ediz Tiyanşan: TRT World correspondent and reliable source of international news

Who is Ediz Tiyanşan? Where is he from, how old is he and what kind of career does he have?

Ediz Tiyanşan is a successful journalist who works as a TRT World correspondent. Ediz Tiyanşan was born in Ankara in 1983. Tiyanşan, who studied journalism, started his career at TRT Haber in 2005. Tiyanşan, who moved to TRT World in 2010, works as a presenter and reporter of international news there.

In which geographies and topics did Ediz Tiyanşan make news? What important events did he convey to the audience?

Ediz Tiyanşan earned the appreciation of the audience by making news from different regions and topics of the world throughout her career. Tiyanşan, who worked in many countries and cities from Syria to Beijing, from Buenos Aires to New York, produced news in various fields from politics to economy, from culture to sports. Tiyanşan also conveyed important events taking place in the world to the audience via live broadcasts. These include events such as the Arab Spring, Syrian Civil War, US Presidential Elections, and the Covid-19 Pandemic.

What are Ediz Tiyanşan's studies in the field of science and technology? What was the experience of launching the İMECE satellite into space?

Ediz Tiyanşan is a journalist who is also interested in developments in the field of science and technology and makes news in this field. Tiyanşan also closely follows Turkey's breakthroughs in the field of science and technology and brings them to the audience. Finally, he shared this historical moment live by making a special broadcast during the launch of İMECE, Turkey's first domestic satellite, into space. Tiyanşan gave important information about Turkey's space studies in this broadcast.