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Social Media Resonated on International Girl's Day: Here are the Most Beautiful Messages

October 11, International Day of the Girl Child, has been celebrated since 2012 to raise awareness about gender equality. On this meaningful day, citizens who defend the rights of girls and support them shared International Girls' Day messages on social media. Here are the most liked International Girl's Day messages on social media and the history of this special day…

How Did International Day of the Girl Child Come About?

International Day of the Girl Child was declared by the United Nations in 2011. The aim was to draw attention to the difficulties faced by girls and to ensure their support in areas such as education, health, security and human rights. On this day, projects and events are organized to help girls reveal their potential.

What are the International Girls' Day Messages?

On International Girl's Day, many messages emphasizing the value of girls and showing them love were shared on social media. Here are some examples:

  • “Every girl has the power to write her own story with her achievements. Happy International Girl's Day to our girls who are the leading characters of their own story with their achievements! “
  • “Girls are the most precious beings in the world. They are the apple of their mother's eye, just like their father's. Especially, fathers are proud of their daughters... Our daughters are the apple of the eye of the society and the future... Happy birthday..."
  • “Wishing for a world where all children have equal rights and equal conditions, regardless of gender, everywhere in the world…”
  • “With the hope of a world where girls are not forced to work, are not abused, and are educated… Happy International Day of the Girl Child.”
  • “Every girl who studies and grows up with love is hope for the future. We will build a bright future with our daughters, hand in hand! Happy 1 October International Girls' Day.”
  • “Girls who grow up with love and respect, who know and embrace the values ​​of the Republic are the guarantee of our future.”
  • “Happy International Day of the Girl Child to all girls who pursue their dreams to build a better future!”
  • “Today, we commemorate the strong girls who build the future of the world. Their courage, determination and talent inspire us to make the world a better place.”