A more powerful Touring: New M3 CS Touring from BMW


There is news that BMW lovers have been eagerly waiting for: BMW is developing the M3 CS Touring, a more powerful version after the M3 Touring. This ambitious and performance-oriented station wagon model will be officially introduced in 2025.

M3 CS Touring's Powerful Engine: S58 Twin Turbo Monster

The M3 CS Touring will have a 3-liter S3.0 twin-turbo inline-six engine with the same power as the M58 CS sedan. This powerful engine will produce 543 horsepower and an impressive 650 Nm of torque, promising the driver a performance-filled ride.

Exterior Design Improvements: Carbon Fiber Details and Lightness

M3 CS Touring will have a front design decorated with carbon fiber details. Its aerodynamic features will increase with exterior design improvements such as the new rear diffuser and rear spoiler. Additionally, a slight reduction in weight is expected; This model is planned to be approximately 3 kilograms lighter compared to the M34 CS sedan.

Powertrain and Transmission: The Key to Performance

M3 CS Touring will transmit its power and torque from the 3.0-liter engine it receives to all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission. This combination will offer the driver a dynamic driving experience.

M4 CS Model: Above Standard Performance

In addition to the M3 CS Touring, BMW is also working on the M4 CS model. M4 CS will be positioned between the standard M4 and M4 CSL. So, it will have more power but not overpower it. This model, which has a six-cylinder in-line engine, will attract attention with its exterior design improvements and lightened structure.

We expect to learn more details about these new models in 2025. BMW looks set to delight its fans by combining performance and elegance with the M3 CS Touring and M4 CS.

BMW continues to excite car enthusiasts with the M3 CS Touring and M4 CS. These models, where performance, technology and design come together, will shape the automobile world of the future.