An electric classic car was developed specifically for the 100th anniversary of the Republic!

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Domestic Electric Classic Car on the 100th Anniversary of the Republic: TYRA

TYRA, a domestic electric classic car developed specifically for the 100th anniversary of the Republic, is getting ready to hit the roads. The project, implemented by Dogon Dizayn within the TTAF Group, which produces prototypes, is a tribute to unsung heroes.

TTAF Group is a company that produces prototypes of designs in aviation, automotive, medical and many other fields. Dogon Dizayn, a subsidiary of this company, carried out a special project on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic. Domestic electric classic car TYRA is the name of this project.

How Did TYRA Come About?

Behind the TYRA project is a team that has worked in the automotive industry for many years and has different expertise. This team was inspired by the story of the unnamed hero named Cambaz Mehmet from Topkapı.

Acrobat Mehmet from Topkapı is the person who hijacked the car of General Harington, Commander of the British Occupation Forces, in Istanbul and sent it to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha. He is also one of the leaders of the Mim Mim Organization, which carries weapons and ammunition to Anatolia.

Dogon Dizayn Chief Technology Officer Taner Bahar explained the reason for this project as follows: “We decided not to call these and similar people 'unsung heroes'. Everyone has a name. “We did this project to remember these names.”

What are the Features of TYRA?

TYRA is a 7-person heavy motorcycle-style transportation vehicle in the L2 category. The fully electric vehicle has a nostalgic appearance. There are references to 1923, the year of the founding of the Republic, in the design of the vehicle.

Stating that TYRA is at the prototype stage, Bahar said that they have received the test plate and accreditation studies are continuing. Stating that their goal is to have the vehicle accredited in 2024, Bahar noted that studies on different models and concepts are continuing.

Bahar explained the mission of the project as follows: “Our mission was to make a domestic, 100 percent electric project that fits the meaning of the day. Our car is 100 percent electric, but we want to continue the breeze of nostalgia. Our line will be in this direction. “We will move towards classic vehicles instead of sports cars.”

Those who want to get more information about the TYRA project can visit [Dogon Dizayn's official website]. Those who are impatiently waiting for TYRA to hit the roads should stay tuned so as not to miss this opportunity. TYRA's arrival on the roads as a domestic electric classic car on the 100th anniversary of the Republic will be an important step for the Turkish automotive industry.